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My method

Bioenergetic care is a process of introspection, healing and elevation where one works in consciousness. 

Very good therapy since it cleans memories and harmonizes the energy circulation between the body, the mind, and your soul, these three elements which together create one and the same spirit : You !


- Break free from the repeated patterns of our life

- Access to one's full potential, connection to one's higher self and inner light  

- Cut toxic ties, recover and unlock past lives, family lines and karmic vows

- Awakening the soul and its life mission

- Develop extra-sensory abilities

- Release emotions, become aware and understand through different channels


Also beneficial for:


- Pain and chronic diseases 

- Behavior disorder and addictions

- Revitalization and harmonization of an area after a shock, an accident or an operation

- Repair of energy leaks in the aura and the various subtle bodies

During the treatment, I work in resonance on several energy planes and accompany you with kindness and understanding over. 

Depending on your needs, I intervene with several practices such as; Bioenergy,  Reiki, Kinesiology,  Crystal therapy.

Procedure of a treatment:

⦁Meeting in exchange, emotional welcome and understanding of your needs
⦁   Practicing lying down care or seated according to your convenience
⦁ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Gently end of session, with a break time to accommodate energy work 

Face-to-face or remote care, adults, children,   animals.


90 to 120 euros 
The duration of a session varies between 1h30 and 3h 

free mileage within a radius of 20 km



Do not hesitate to contact me for more information and for a first exchange. (see contact tab)



Laurence Bessieres

« Justine est incroyablement lumineuse et souriante. Elle fait un travail incroyable. C'est la seule qui a su nous sortir d'une situation extrêmement difficile et douloureuse, avec sérieux et bonne humeur. De tout mon coeur Merci »

Catherine Galardon

« Le soin énergétique est très complet. Ayant participé avec d'autres énergéticiennes, Justine est prodigieuse, ses soins sont bien plus juste et efficace. Je recommande vivement.»


« J'ai fait le soin des anges avec Justine. Un soin hors du temps qui m'a procuré un apaisement. Je te remercie pour ce temps que tu m'as accordé, j'en ressens les bienfaits. Tu es un ange venue à ma rencontre. Merci  »
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