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ATELIER  awakening and development of extra-sensory gifts

On the program:  


. 2-day group workshops

The first day is a revelation in the opening, we will circulate the flow of energy between emotional, physical and spiritual. Everyone finds their point of balance, landmark, lets go of their blockages. The spirit awakens and integrates the codes. 

On the second day the 3 elements merge to deepen and seek out its full potential.  

It's time to open your arms wide and welcome the new energies into your body.

For more sharing and interaction, the group carries a dynamic. We have different situations and advancements which allow us consciously or unconsciously to support each other. The group effect stimulates fun and joy. A moment when the inner child can freely express itself, making you naturally regain your vitality.


. Opening circle 

  A moment of reflection, understanding, and listening, everyone will be able to express their journey as well as their expectations. the other, the mirror effects are there  to help us better understand ourselves in our inner journey, so the word of the one who carries your reflection is a real blessing.


  . Develop your psychic and spiritual faculties through the practices of Qi Gong, 5 Tibetans, Kinesiology. 

Practicing these disciplines, I transmit to you through exercises the codes activating your physical and spiritual potential. Release of body tensions, improves organ health, and amplifies the awakening of your feelings. Exercises followed by individual and group games to feel the aura, the vital field, and the different subtle bodies of your comrades and the animals present.


. Self-expression and self-understanding with art

Choosing colors, shapes to create  a drawing is a major indication of your state of mind.  This moment will reveal internal and or external blockages, for then you help  to put the healing light there.  

Discover the vision of your emotions or your energy through colors, then integrate them.    


. Contemplation and guided meditation  

Set your mind to channel better. Observe your environment to be anchored, learn to listen to silence to connect to your soul. Meditation with the new frequencies of Gaia, to integrate your higher self, better direct your life, make aligned choices, receive messages from our guides, develop your intuition.


. Channeling with crystals

Your stones are welcome. Let's communicate and channel information with the crystals. The goal is to open your multiple feelings,   to learn to trust yourself in what you hear, see and feel. At the same time, you will benefit from the benefits of the stones.


. Individual care

1 quarter of an hour per persons, where I intervene individually  to finalize the integration and stabilize your new energies. A moment together where you can confide more discreetly if the heart feels the need. I would listen to you with kindness. During this time, oracles will be made available for the group.





130 euros 


From 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. over the 2 days (lunch break about 1 hour)


Come in casual clothes, with your meditation accessories if you have them (cushion, carpet etc.) otherwise it is not essential. 

Lunch is at your expense. Possibility to have a packed lunch on request

Possibility of accommodation 

Limited 8-seater 

Request for a deposit of 60 euros

Contact me for any information or reservations.

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