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If there is another reality, then what are we waiting for to explore it ?
We sometimes find the answers to our questions, our balance and our evolution by passing to the other side.

On the other side of what? 

One door leads to another, and that all our lives. It is the process of the road that we travel. So goes our evolution. 

A door can remain closed because of gray areas that hinder the smooth progress of our journey. Because very often, we ignore or do not want to accept the whole truth, like missing or hidden pieces of the puzzle. Ignorance and lack of understanding of ourselves and of others often plunge us into the stagnation of our reality. 

Fortunately, a single revelation on the hidden or flouted elements activates the lever.  We need to understand and raise awareness to free our minds, and thus move forward.

A peaceful mind is a free mind to carry on. 

This is why the oracle draw and guidance are excellent tools for this awareness.

They deliver messages that can change, shake up, activate and resolve any situation that has become cumbersome or stagnante.


Highlight shadow areas.

I accompany you and transmit to you with intelligence and benevolence the messages sent to you by the universe.  I am the channel of your angels, guides or deceased, according to the energies which will present themselves, and guide you in this opening of consciousness, towards light and healing.

Awakening, personal development, deliverance, understanding, change, evolution, discovery, revelation, reflection, intuition, expression, wisdom, emotions.

Because everyone deserves to find and enter new facets of their reality, where your unexplored happiness surely lies. 

Everything ends one day or another by clearing up… by finding each other. 

Group session / Family therapy (5 people max)

3 hours / 120 euro


Individual session

1h30 / 60 euros

a gagner !
Jusqu'au 30 Mai 2024

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